16.3 Init Files

Init files are available to make it easier for the user to customize PSL to his/her own needs. When psl or pslcomp is executed, if a file .pslrc or .pslcomprc on UNIX boxes or psl.rc or pslcomp.rc on DOS or Windows systems is on the users home directory, it will be read and evaluated.

The remainder of this section describes functions defined in the module init-file. These functions can be used to implement init files.

(user-homedir-string): string expr
Returns a full pathname for the user’s home directory.

(init-file-string progname:string): string expr
Returns the full pathname of the user’s init file for the program progname.

(read-init-file progname:string): nil expr
Reads and evaluates the init file with name progname. Read-init-file calls init-file-string with argument progname. Under UNIX the initfilename is concatenated from ”.” progname and ”rc”, such that a typical initfilename is .pslrc for psl
    (read-init-file "psl")