16.2 Saving an Executable PSL

(savesystem MSG:string FILE:string FORMS:form-list):
Undefined expr
This records the welcome message (after attaching a date) in the global variable lispbanner* used by standardlisp’s call on toploop, and then calls dumplisp to compact the core image and write it out as a machine dependent executable file with the name FILE. FILE should have the appropriate extension for an executable file. Savesystem also sets *usermode to t.

The forms in the list FORMS will be evaluated when the new core image is started. For example

    (savesystem "PSL 4.2" "PSL" '((read-init-file "psl")))

lispbanner* = [Initially: ] global
Records the welcome message given by a call to savesystem from PSL. Also contains the date, given by the function date.

(dumplisp FILE:string): Undefined expr
The core image is written as an executable file, with the name FILE. Better use the function savesystem.