2.1 What is RLISP

As you will know REDUCE is based on the programming language LISP, or to be more exact, on the LISP dialect Standard LISP. Fortunately you need not learn the syntax of this language with its large number of brackets - the REDUCE language is used for algebraic programming as well as for symbolic programs and in that mode it allows you to use all of the rich LISP data structures. It is LISP semantics in high level REDUCE syntax. In the following it is expected that you are familiar with the REDUCE programming language as far as it is used for algebraic mode programs. You should know how to write a (recursive) procedure with parameters and local variables, how to build loops, while blocks, if-then-else clauses and begin-end resp << - >> blocks. If not, please study the REDUCE manual first or have a look at the source files of the REDUCE kernel - this is the best method for learning how to program in RLISP.