21.4 Socket Interface (Unix only)

The socket interface allows the PSL system to communiate through Unix socket as if they were normal LISP I/O channels. This can be used to write server or client processes in PSL easily. The module pslsocket has be be loaded in advance.

(socketopen HOST:(string or 0) SNumB:integer): pair of LISP channels expr
If HOST is 0 (the server mode) the PSL system waits until a BIND request is received on the socket SNumB. Otherwise HOST is interpreted as a string (the client mode) and a computer with this name is sought on the net. If the name could be resolved successfully, a BIND request is send to this computer with the socketnumber SNumB. If the operation worked o.k., a pair is returned consisting of two LISP channels, the CAR for input and the CDR for output, each of these can be used like LISP channels furtheron.

(socketflushbuffer C:channel):any expr
Sends the characters hanging around in the buffer via the socket associated with the LISP channel.