18.2 Prettyprinting Files and Data

The width of an output line is defined by default to be 75. You can modify this by passing the desired width to the function line-width.

(pp-file SOURCE:string DESTINATION:string):
undefined expr
This function is used to prettyprint the contents of one file into another. There must be two arguments, the first is a string representing the source file name, the second is a string representing the destination file name. The first argument to top level applications of de, df, dm, ds, dn, defmethod, defflavor, and defmacro is printed once the form has been written to the file.

(pp-object E:form): undefined fexpr
This function will prettyprint the PSL data object E. Pp-object will also accept two optional arguments. The output may be directed to a file by including a string which represents the file name. Indentation is specified with an integer. Both of these optional arguments must be preceded by special identifiers, :indent for indentation, :sink for redirection of output.