9.3 Special Evaluator Functions, Quote and Function

(quote U:any): any fexpr
Quote is used to distinguish a constant s-expression from one which is to be evaluated. The return value is U. Since quote is an fexpr U is never evaluated.

(mkquote U:any): list expr
Returns the result of (list ’quote U).

(function FN:function): function fexpr
Function is similar to quote, except that its argument is a reference to a function. FN is either the name of a function, a lambda expression, or a code-pointer. It is not correct to use quote to suppress the evaluation of an expression which represents a function. The misuse of function can effect the way in which code is compiled, in particular, application of the mapping functions (see Chapter ??? for more information).
Use of the read macro #’ will result in an application of function. For example, if the reader encounters #’fun the expression (FUNCTION FUN) will be returned. This read macro is part of the useful package.