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11.3 Support for tag files

A REDUCE mode submenu provides rapid access to some of the main facilities for finding a definition via a tag file. Two commands (and submenu options) are also provided to facilitate tagging all the files in one directory or all the files in all subdirectories (one level deep) of a directory. The former is useful for tagging all the files associated with a single project or package; the latter for tagging all REDUCE packages in a single tag file.

Beware: Both the tagging commands currently require a UNIX-compatible command shell called sh in a directory in Emacs’ exec-path. A standard Microsoft Windows (or MS-DOS) command shell will not suffice for this application, but there are plenty of suitable free shells that will work under Windows. I recommend the port of ash included in the Cygwin package, which includes a port of a great deal of excellent GNU (and other) free software to Microsoft Windows. (Note that, whilst bash will work perfectly well, it is overkill for this application.)

M-x reduce-tagify-dir

Generate a REDUCE TAGS file for (all .red files in) a directory, by default the current directory.

M-x reduce-tagify-subdirs

Generate a REDUCE TAGS file for (all .red files in) all subdirectories of a directory, by default the parent of the current directory.