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14.9 Run mode key bindings and menu

If the user option reduce-run-autostart is non-nil (which it is by default) then all commands that require a REDUCE process automatically start one if necessary. See Customization of REDUCE run mode. Where appropriate, input commands have their own history lists, and if run in REDUCE edit mode then any input file defaults to the file being edited.

The following key bindings are provided in both REDUCE edit and run modes:

C-c C-i

Input a REDUCE source file into the REDUCE process. Echo it if reduce-run-echo is non-nil. (This key binding redefines its default meaning in REDUCE mode.)

C-c C-l

Load a REDUCE package into the REDUCE process.

C-c C-f

Compile a REDUCE source file to a FASL image in the REDUCE process. Echo the file if reduce-run-echo is non-nil.

The following key bindings are added to REDUCE edit mode:

C-x C-e

Send the previous statement to the REDUCE process, and switch to its buffer. (This key binding follows Emacs convention.)

C-c C-e

Send the current procedure definition to the REDUCE process, and switch to its buffer. (The M-C-x key binding follows Emacs convention.)

C-c C-r

Send the current region to the REDUCE process, and switch to its buffer.

C-c C-z

Switch to the REDUCE process buffer. With an argument, position the cursor at the end of the buffer.

Versions of the above “and-go” commands are also defined with names that omit the “-and-go” prefix, which do not switch to the REDUCE process buffer. These seem to be less useful and so are not currently bound to any keys.

The following key bindings, in addition to the defaults provided by comint mode, are provided in REDUCE run mode:


Perform completion on the REDUCE symbol preceding point (or preceding the region if it is active). Compare that symbol against the elements of reduce-completion-alist. If a perfect match (only) has a cdr then delete the match and insert the cdr if it is a string or call it if it is a (nullary) function, passing on any prefix argument (in raw form). (This key binding is exactly as in REDUCE mode. It is included explicitly here because it is one of the edit mode key bindings that is also particularly useful in run mode.)

The REDUCE run library provides a REDUCE run major mode menu and also adds a slightly modified version of this menu to the menu bar in REDUCE edit mode. These two menus provide appropriate access to all the above commands, and to echoing and highlighting control for REDUCE run mode.

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