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14.1 Introduction to REDUCE run mode

REDUCE run mode provides the following facilities for running REDUCE:

These facilities include most, if not all, of the facilities offered by any other REDUCE interface, with the notable exception of typeset quality display of mathematical output. It may be possible to support this in some future version.

REDUCE run mode is provided as a separate library so that if you prefers another REDUCE interface you do not need to install it. It is a subsidiary library to REDUCE edit mode and when loaded it hooks itself into and cooperates closely with REDUCE edit mode.

REDUCE run mode is based closely on the standard library inf-lisp by Olin Shivers. See Running an External Lisp in The Emacs Editor. Since this mode is built on top of the general command-interpreter-in-a-buffer (comint) mode, it shares a common base functionality and a common set of key bindings with all modes derived from comint mode. (Among these, shell mode is likely to be the most familiar. See Interactive Inferior Shell in The Emacs Editor.) This makes these modes easier to use.

For further documentation on the functionality provided by comint mode and the hooks available for customising it, see the file comint.el.

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