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13.1 REDUCE mode interface customization


Imenu support for procedure definitions and operator declarations. An alist with elements of the form (MENU-TITLE REGEXP INDEX) – see the documentation for imenu-generic-expression.


Default value nil. If non-nil then REDUCE mode automatically calls imenu-add-to-menubar to add a Contents menu to the menubar.


Default value "Procs/Ops". The title to use if REDUCE mode adds a procedure/operator menu to the menubar.


Default value 2. Number of repeats of reduce-forward or backward-statement required to move up out of a block or group.


Association list of REDUCE-mode completions searched by reduce-complete-symbol. Each key word or phrase to be simply completed should be a list containing a single string. If a perfectly matched string (only) is a non-trivial pair then the match is deleted and the cdr inserted if it is a string or called if it is a (nullary) function, passing on any prefix argument (in raw form).