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15 Feedback: bug reports, suggestions, comments, …

Feedback to the author via SourceForge is welcome, including reports of errors or features that do not work well and suggestions for improvements or additional features.

If possible, please include details of the version of Emacs that you are using, the platform on which you are using it, and the version of REDUCE edit (and if relevant run) mode that you are using. (This information is essential if you are reporting a bug.) An easy way to do this is to send me the Emacs and REDUCE IDE version strings. You can access the former from the standard Emacs Help menu and the latter from the REDUCE major mode menus, in all cases by selecting the Show Version menu option. The version strings can also be accessed by running the commands M-x emacs-version, M-x reduce-mode-version and M-x reduce-run-version. These menu options and commands will display the version string in the echo area at the bottom of the frame; it will also be recorded in the *Messages* buffer, from where it can easily be copied.